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Monday, 12 November 2018

Chapter 38


The next day on Friday,
Marianna is wheeled into surgery at around eight am. Hector had to go to work so he asked Anna Patricia, Ramon and Clara to go on his behalf. Alejandro, Isabella and Horacio were also there, so it made for a very awkward encounter. The surgery then begins soon after.

Back at the small town,
The investigator is still working on the report. He has found old copies of newspapers (from the internet) from the time Hernan and Gabriela went missing. He is going through the newspapers, to see if there is any bit of information that he could use to prove or disprove whether Hector and Gina are or are not the missing twins.

Some hours later,
Marianna’s surgery is over and she is wheeled back to her room. Anna Patricia calls Hector to let him know that the surgery ended and seems to have gone well. Hector is happy. Despite everything Marianna did, he didn’t want her to die. Hector thanks his aunt and asks her to update him once the doctor tells them something. She says she will.

Sometime later,
Gina arrives at the mental hospital, to visit her father. He is happy to see her, but notices that she is uneasy. He asks her if she is fine. Gina says that she is. He asks her how the surgery went. Gina says that she just talked to her aunt before she arrived, and she said that the doctor said that it went well, but that they will need to monitor her closely for the next seventy-two hours, because those are the most crucial. Gina adds that her aunt and grandparents were there for most of the day, and left an hour after the operation ended. She then adds that everyone else except her aunt Luisa and uncle Armando (who had to go home because of the baby) went there after work.

John says that is good. He then says that he hopes that this event as tragic as it is, hopefully will make Marianna, change her ways and be a better person, a mother her daughter can be proud of. Gina looks at him doubtfully. She says it would be a miracle if that happened. He then folds his hands and looks at her seriously. She asks him what is wrong. He asks her what she talked about with the doctor. Gina sighs, she tells herself that it is no surprise her brother and sister can be so blunt, and to the point. They are both like their father. 

Back at the hospital,
Antonio comes back from the cafeteria with Aranza and Aurelio. They ran into Isabella, who gives Aranza and Aurelio scathing looks. They however maintain their class and don’t stoop to her level. When Isabella passes, Antonio tells both Aurelio and Aranza not to worry about Isabella. Aranza tells him that its okay because hopefully Isabella will soon be out of their lives. Aurelio says he hopes so, especially for Ricardo’s sake, because Isabella has never loved that poor child. Antonio agrees.

Back at the mental hospital,
Gina fiddles, as she often does when nervous. Her father asks her if the doctor said he will get worse. She assures him that he will be just fine, soon. He then says that whatever she discussed with the doctor concerns him, and he deserves to know. Gina says that she was just worried that the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to his children would not be good for him and so she asked the doctor about it. John says that he will never be at peace until he knows what happened to his children. He says that if he doesn’t have a relapse that day, it may be the next day or sometime in the future. Gina tells him that won’t happen because he has so much to live for. John says he knows that he has Anna Patricia, Aranza them and the children but the twins were his pride and joy, and he will never be at peace until he knows what happened to them.

Gina turns to the other side; as lone tears start to flow. She says to herself that if Marianna wasn’t in ICU she would give her brother a good tongue lashing for letting her do something so important alone. John moves to the other side, she is standing on. He asks her if she is fine. She stands, and says she is, then wipes away some tears. He looks at her like he doesn’t believe a word she says. He then tells her to first sit down, which she does. She apologizes for breaking down. She tells him not to mind her and that her life is complicated and a big mess. He says that she will never be a bother to him. Gina admits that there is something she has to tell him, but she is scared and doesn’t know how to go about it.

Back at the hospital,
The doctor, says that Marianna is awake, but still in a delicate condition. He says that she can only receive one visitor that day, but for a short while. Hector says that he will go. Alejandro looks like he would like to argue, then remembers where they are, and changes his mind. The doctor then asks Hector to follow him. After the doctor and Hector leave, Horacio tells Alejandro to relax because Marianna knows she can’t speak without getting herself into serious trouble. Alejandro reminds him that when some people survive a near death experience they start striving to become better people. Horacio says that they will just have to watch her closely.

Back at the mental hospital,
John looks at Gina and asks her what exactly she has to tell him. She takes a deep breath, and says that he should relax because the twins are fine. He looks at her a little shocked. He then says that is impossible because what happened to his children is still an enduring mystery. Gina fiddles then says that is not exactly true. John tells her to relax, then tell him what she has to say. Gina sighs then tells herself that it is now or never. She says that when the twins were left in the forest by Helena and Carlos, they kept on walking further and further into the forest and unknowingly got lost. She says that the girl got Malaria but they were eventually found weak and malnourished by a nice couple, and taken in by a nice family. Gina then adds that they had to take on new identities to save their lives, because if they returned Helena and Carlos would have tried to kill them again. 

John looks at Gina for a few seconds, before it hits him. Could she be his daughter? He asks her if she is his daughter. After a pause she says she is. He asks if Hector is her brother. Gina says that he is. John says that he has some burning questions. Gina asks him, like which ones. He says that the flashbacks he keeps on having in which she and her brother are in. Gina says that she looks like a younger version of her grandmother, Belen, while her brother looks like a younger version of their great grandfather Hannibal. Gina adds that they thought he was dead, so her and Hernan decided to come back for revenge, avenge his death and that of the other innocent people as well as to take back the family company. 

Back at the hospital,
The doctor opens the door of Marianna’s room. He then tells Hector to not tell her shocking news, or upset her. Hector agrees. The doctor adds that he can’t stay for a long time, then leaves. Hector then walks nearer to Marianna. He looks at her. He says to himself that despite everything, he wants her to get better. Marianna stirs and is shocked to see him. Softly, she asks him what he is doing there. He says that she was operated on a few hours ago, and he wanted to see how she is, then let her rest. Marianna is surprised. She asks him why he would be there, and it’s not like they were friends. Hector tells her to relax, and be calm. He says that now isn’t the time to think about any of that. He adds that her recovery is more important.

Marianna asks him about the paperwork. Hector tells her not to worry. He says that was done yesterday. He adds that he couldn’t be there, but he talked with Martin, and he gave him the permission to sign the papers on his behalf. Marianna is surprised. He sees that and says that despite everything, his whole family wants the best for her. She asks Hector if they have all been here. Hector says his aunt Luisa and Uncle Armando haven’t so far, because of the baby, and Gina because John is unwell, but everyone else has come. Marianna asks him what they want. Hector smiles. He says he wants to help her because he doesn’t want her to go downhill with her friends. Marianna is stunned.

Back at the mental hospital,
John can’t believe it. He looks at Gina still unable to believe that she is his daughter. She then asks him what he is thinking. He says that he is still letting it sink in, that she is his daughter. He hugs her, and she says those words, she had thought she would never say to him again, I love you daddy. He calls her his little butterfly, and says he loves her too. After what seems like eternity, he lets her go. He then asks her what she and her brother plan to do. Gina says that now that he knows the truth, they have to speed up things, and reveal themselves even sooner.

John looks at her. He says that he appreciates, them wanting to avenge his death when they thought he was dead and wanting to take back the family company but they need to end the lies. He adds that Aranza, Antonio and Adrianna will be hurt, and it isn’t fair to either of the three of them to keep on lying to them. He adds that they will fight to rebuild their family, but they will fight fair. Gina agrees.

The next day, on Saturday,
 Hector is with Adrianna, the girls and Aranza, at the mansion. Hector walks around the mansion, and remembers running around the house with his sister, Adrianna and Antonio when they were younger. He also, remembers, pushing Aranza in her stroller, around the compound. He then sees the last person he wanted to see. He is shocked, to run into Alejandro. What is he doing there? Despite his curiosity, Hector tries his best to avoid Alejandro because he doesn't want an argument. Alejandro however is keen to pick a fight. He tells Hector to not be feel victorious because he will never let Adrianna be happy with him. Hector clenches one hand but keeps his cool. Alejandro is not worth causing a scandal over. Just then Aranza comes. She folds her hands and glares at him. She says that she knows that he was bothering Hector.

 She then reminds Alejandro that the house was her father’s and now it was hers. She adds that Hector is her guest and is welcome while he (Alejandro) is a pest. Alejandro says that she is a foolish little girl and says that he has no time for her. He says that he is here to visit Adrianna. Hector tells him that he has no business with her. Alejandro calls him a foolish boy, and says that is where he is wrong. He says that he is still married to Adrianna, and he will never give her a divorce. Alejandro says that he wants to talk about their daughter. Hector and Aranza look at each other then at Alejandro. Hector tells Alejandro to drop the hypocrisy because if he loved his daughter, he would have never used her as a pawn and exchanged her, just to make Adrianna believe that he was the father of her daughter.

Meanwhile at the mental hospital,
Anna Patricia has come to visit John (Gabriel). She asks him how he feels about learning that Hector and Gina are his children. He says that it is still a big shock. He thanks her for taking care of his children. Anna Patricia says that it wasn’t a problem and she would do it again and she is sure the rest of her family would. Gabriel says that she is being humble. He says that he knows the sacrifices both financially and otherwise that she and the rest of her family had to make to accommodate his children and keep them safe. He adds that keeping the twin’s identities hidden must probably have been harder because of who he was, and he doesn’t take that for granted. 

Anna Patricia smiles and says that when she saw the children so young and defenseless her heart went out to them and she couldn’t say no. She starts to say Gina, then stops. She says that the whole family, the twins included has gotten used to calling them Hector and Gina, that their real names, Hernan and Gabriela have practically been forgotten. She adds that they all had to avoid using them to reduce chances of somebody slipping up and using them in public. Gabriel holds her hands and says that he thanks her for everything she has done for his children.

Elsewhere at the hospital,
Marianna is awake. She is still in pain but she is a bit better. She remembers part of her conversation with Hector, when he said that him and Martin sorted the papers out, and that his family had been there at the hospital. She says to herself that it is strange for them to be there after everything that has happened. Just then, Martin comes in, and Marianna’s breathe, is caught in her throat. He is casually dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and a cape. He is even more handsome than usual. She asks him if Hector sent him to babysit her. Martin smiles at her. It was the first time in such a long time, that he did.
Martin tells her that maybe his cousin did ask him then adds that it would only be a problem if she had something to hide. Marianna rolls her eyes and says that his sarcasm is unnecessary. She says that he doesn’t want to be there, and she doesn’t want him their either. Martin says that regardless of what she might think about him he wants the best for her. Marianna rolls her eyes. Martin says that he really does want her to get better, and be the kind of mother Diana deserves. At the mention of her daughter’s name, Marianna’s facial expression changes, and becomes softer. Martin watches her keenly. He tells himself that he hopes he can get to her soon.

Back at the mansion,
Alejandro is still looking at both Hector and Aranza scathingly. He tells him that he will have Adrianna in the end. Aranza rolls her eyes. She says that her cousin is not a prize to be won or lost. She also adds that after everything he has done, they shouldn’t even be entertaining him. Alejandro calls her a silly foolish girl, and goes to hit her. Hector however stops him. He glares at Alejandro and warns him that if he ever puts a finger on Aranza, he will make him pay. Alejandro looks at both Hector and Adrianna with pure malice.

Back at the mental hospital,
Anna Patricia removes her hands from Gabriel’s hands and increases the distance between them. She tells herself that a bombshell is about to explode, and she is sure Helena won’t let her be, because Gabriel is still the primary heir to the Montes de Alba’s fortune. He watches her for a few seconds, then asks her if she is fine. Anna Patricia assures him that she is. He moves closer towards her and takes hold of one of her hands. Anna Patricia is nervous but tries her best to hide it. Gabriel says that he hasn’t forgotten that he admitted that he loved her. He says that nothing that he has learnt has changed that. He says that once he can leave the hospital, he wants to start a new life with her. Anna Patricia says that things aren’t so simple. 

Gabriel asks her what she means. Anna Patricia says that he was never officially divorced from Helena. Gabriel shrugs and says that it has been many years, and if Helena has done everything she is accused of, divorce should be even easier. Anna Patricia says that the problem has been that she has always been good at covering her tracks, and anyway she won’t agree to divorce him because he is still the primary heir to the Montes de Alba fortune. Anna Patricia adds that he is yet to truly find out what an evil witch Helena is. He says that they will get through everything together.

Back in Marianna’s room,
Martin’s phone beeps. He looks at Marianna, then says that he will get back to her after replying the message. Marianna tells him to go ahead and not keep his girlfriends waiting. Martin smiles, and asks her if she is jealous. Marianna rolls her eyes. Martin reads the message, and says that he will answer it later. Marianna then tells him that she doesn’t want to be a bother. She tells him that he can go and do whatever it is he does on weekends. Martin says that he is perfectly fine. He says no one has forced him to be here, and he wants to do whatever he can to help her.

Shortly after, at the mansion,
Hector and Aranza are with Adrianna in another section of the garden. Aranza glares at Hector. She tells him that she shouldn’t have told Adrianna what happened with Alejandro because she is so dramatic. Adrianna looks at Aranza then tells her that she appreciates that she loves her but she shouldn’t confront Alejandro because he is crazy and could hurt her. Aranza rolls her eyes and agrees. She says that she is just so angry at him, after everything he and his friends have done, and wishes they could finally put an end to them.

Adrianna says that she does too but they need to be careful because he is crazy. Hector says that they should go to the playroom and check on the girls to make sure that they are okay. He then adds that Gisela is just like her mischievous aunt. Aranza pokes Hector and Adrianna smiles at the both of them.

Elsewhere at the mansion,
Helena is with Diana And Gisela Paulina in what used to be Gabriel’s office. She calls Diana, by her name, Diana. Diana shakes her head and says that her name is Gisela. Gisela says that she is Diana. Helena shakes her head. She points towards, Diana (the real one) and tells her that she is Diana, and then points to Gisela Paulina (the real one) and says that she is Gisela. She tells them that when they were small children, they were switched. The children don’t really understand what she means. She asks the children if they want to hear a story. Both girls excitedly say they do. Helena tells them to sit and be comfortable.  She smiles, but looks at Diana in a slightly evil manner. She adds to herself that she will make the story as easy as possible, but she will tell them the truth.

Elsewhere at the mansion,
Adrianna, Aranza and Hector are in Antonio’s room. Adrianna holds her chest worriedly. She says that they have been to the playroom, Aranza’s room, hers, and now Antonio’s, but they can’t find the girls. Hector puts a hand on her arm and tells her to relax. Aranza meanwhile is at the window. She then turns around. Hector asks her what’s wrong. Aranza says that she has seen, her mother’s car. She says that knowing how crazy her mother is, she could do anything to the girls. Hector begins to leave and Adrianna and Aranza follow him.

Meanwhile back in Marianna’s room,
She is quietly lost in her thoughts when the door opens, and Horacio and Isabella come in. They ask her how she is. She says that she is tired but fine. Isabella asks her where Martin is. Marianna says she’s not sure, maybe he went to the cafeteria, or restroom. Horacio asks her what she talked about with him. Marianna sighs. She says that she knows that they are here to make sure that she doesn’t tell Hector or Martin anything. She adds that she didn’t, and they just made small talk. Horacio reminds her that they could all get into serious problems. Marianna tells them to calm down. She says that she has bigger problems like recovering from the operation.

Meanwhile, back at the Montes De Alba mansion,
Aranza opens the door to her father’s study. She enters, and Hector and Aranza follow her in. They are shocked to see Helena with the girls, and all of them sitting on chairs. Dianna then runs to Adrianna, and asks her if her real mother is a bad person and is very sick. Hector and Aranza stare at Helena shocked, as Adrianna moves to comfort Diana. Hector tells Aranza to take the girls, away and leave him and Adrianna with Helena. Aranza looks like she is about to argue but Hector looks at her in an I mean business way and she goes and gets Gisela Paulina and stops for Dianna as well. She tells them to follow her for milk and biscuits. The girls eagerly follow her.

Back at Antonio and Gina’s house,
Antonio runs his hand through his hair. The conversation with Adrianna is still on his mind. He says that he doesn’t know what to do because Gina’s secrecy is becoming too much. He says that he has to confront her or he won’t be at peace. He adds that he barely knows anything about her.

Back at the Montes De Alba mansion,
Hector tells Helena that she must be particularly heartless to tell the children the dark story of their birth. Helena looks from Hector to Adrianna and tells them to stop being so melodramatic. She adds that eventually they would have known the truth. Adrianna says that they would have known when they were old enough. She then glares at her aunt and says that very little can be expected from someone like her. Helena ignores her, and says that she has no reason to help Dianna. Adrianna says that Dianna is not to blame for the kind of parents she has and she shouldn’t pay for that. She adds that she does not plan to release her to either Marianna or Alejandro after everything they have done. Hector tells Helena that it wasn’t her place to reveal the truth to the girls. Helena says that she is like Gisela’s grandmother. Hector says that the words mother and grandmother are too special to be wasted on a witch like her. Even Adrianna is shocked. 

Helena narrows her eyes at him. She asks him who he thinks he is. He says that one day she will be unmasked, and leaves. Helena then tells Adrianna that she can do much better than Hector. Adrianna folds her hands and calling her Helena tells her to shut up. Helena tells her she can see the lack of manners Hector taught her and will teach Gisela. Adrianna says that Hector has nothing to do with how she feels. She adds that she lost all respect for her the day she blackmailed her cousin and chose to support the scum who wanted to rape her. Adrianna then warns Helena to stay away from her daughter. She adds that she has officially disowned her, and leaves. Helena rolls her eyes. She says that she did what has to be done. She adds that Adrianna has no reason to keep Dianna.

Meanwhile Hector is in Aranza’s room,
He runs his hand through his hair. He tells himself that he almost lost it in his father’s office. He adds that he snapped at Helena not over the children but over attempting to kill him, his sister and his father as well as killing three innocent people in the process. He adds that soon enough Helena and Carlos reign of terror was coming to an end. He then sighs and lays on his sister’s bed and closes his eyes for a few seconds. 

Later that night,
 Marianna is in her room. She says she hopes she doesn’t get any visitors until Monday. She says that they all tire her. She adds that if it isn’t Alejandro, Isabella or Horacio monitoring her to make sure she doesn’t speak to Hector or Martin, it is either Hector or Martin preparing to get her to talk. When she hears the door knob turning she pretends to be asleep. Alejandro opens the door, and enters. He says out loud, that she is asleep. Marianna says to herself that its Alejandro. He is about to turn and leave when his phone rings. It’s the private investigator. He looks at Marianna again, her eyes are still closed. He then picks up the phone call. He asks the investigator, where he has reached with the investigation on Hector and Gina. The investigator says that he will be coming back to the city, to give them his report. Alejandro is surprised.

 He asks the investigator if he knows who Hector and Gina really are. The private investigator says that he interviewed a couple of people, combed through cases of missing children from the time Hector and Gina were adopted, and narrowed down their identities. Alejandro asks the investigator what’s to follow. The investigator says that what remains is a DNA test and cannot be done from the small town. Alejandro is surprised and asks why a DNA test is necessary. The private investigator says that its to prove who they are, or they aren’t. Alejandro asks the investigator when he is coming back. The investigator says that he should be back by Tuesday or Wednesday and will give him a detailed report with the attached evidence. Alejandro says that he will be waiting for him.

Two days later it is Monday,
That morning, Gina looks at Antonio. She asks him what’s wrong because he has been acting strange for days. Antonio still doesn’t answer her. She folds her hands and looks at him. Antonio says that he will tell her. He says that he knows what she told John about her past on her last visit to him before she gave birth. Gina is a little shocked and a little fearful. She says she doesn’t understand where he is coming from. Antonio says that she told John, who remembered at some point, told Aranza, who told him and then he told Adrianna. Gina sighs and takes a deep breath. She wasn’t expecting this. How does she deal with this?
She tells herself that she wishes her brother were there because he was very good at coming up with ways to get out of tricky situations. Antonio watches her keenly. Gina says that her past before she and Hector were adopted isn’t something she likes to talk about. Antonio says that’s why she told a perfect stranger and not him. Gina paces around and says that it wasn’t planned. She says that it was the pregnancy that made her emotional and it just slipped. Antonio says that her lack of trust in him is becoming an even bigger problem.

Gina says that she does trust him. Antonio says that is hard to believe, if after everything they have been through, she doesn’t trust him enough to open up about whatever tragic event that happened in her childhood. Gina says that its not about not trusting him. She adds that she is just not ready to fully talk about it. She promises to one day soon, talk about it but not at that moment. Antonio looks at her. 

Anna Patricia goes to visit Luisa and her niece, Rosa Milagros. She needed someone, who was not her mother, to talk to. Anna Patricia carries a smiling Rosa Milagros. Luisa looks at her and asks her if she is fine. Anna Patricia says she is. She adds that she needs someone to talk to that’s not her mother. She then says that she wants to talk to her about Gabriel. Anna Patricia continues and says that sometime ago, he confessed to her that he was in love with her. She adds that she told him that she needed time.

She continues and says that since that day they have discussed the topic and he has been patient with her. She adds that this weekend he told her that learning the truth about who he is, didn’t change how he felts about her. Anna Patricia pauses then continues and says that she is hesitant for a couple of reasons, one of them being that she has never really been lucky in love, and because Helena is crazy and isn’t going to let go of Gabriel.

Back at Antonio and Gina’s house,

Antonio runs his hands through his hair. He looks at Gina and asks her where her brother is. Gina’s face turns slightly pale. She sighs. Antonio folds his hands and says that it’s a simple question, because all he wants to know is where her brother is. Gina remains speechless. Antonio moves near her, and he holds her face with one chin. Gina looks up at him. She increases the distance between them. Gina says to herself that if it is this hard-facing Antonio now, she doesn’t know how she will be able to handle telling him the truth. She knows that she has to diffuse this situation fast. She takes a deep breath and says that Hector isn’t her cousin, but he is actually her brother. Antonio stares at Gina shocked. He takes a step back. He asks her why she would need to pretend that her brother is her cousin.

Gina says that there was a mix up in the paperwork when they were being adopted, and since Hector and her were still together, the two of them were okay with it, and the whole family got used to it over time. Antonio asks if everyone in the family knows. Gina says that the only one who didn’t know was Aurelio, because he was a child at the time, and they didn’t see the need to tell him over time. Antonio is still shocked. He asks Gina who between her and her brother is older. Gina says that her brother is older than her. Antonio asks her what is the age gap between her and her brother. Gina remains quiet. She says to herself that she has taken too many liberties and created more lies.

Elsewhere in Marianna’s room
She is going over and over the conversation she heard between Alejandro and some mystery person. Marianna says that from what Alejandro said the other person was an investigator. She then asks herself why Alejandro would need to hire an investigator to investigate Hector and Gina. She asks herself what interesting secret they could be hiding. Just then someone opens the door. Marianna is socked to see it is Adrianna. She tells Adrianna that the medicines the doctors are giving her are leaving her a little tired, so she doesn’t have the energy to argue. Adrianna assures her that she isn’t there to argue. She says that she is there to talk to her about her daughter, Dianna. 

Mariana asks her if the child is okay. Adrianna says that she is. She says that she went over to the mansion with both girls, over the weekend to the mansion, and her aunt told the children everything. Marianna looks genuinely, shocked. She asks Adrianna to define everything. Adrianna says that Dianna knows that she (Marianna) is her real mother, that the children were switched at birth and that she (Marianna) did some bad things but is currently sick. Adrianna says that how much the children understood, of what Helena said, is yet unclear and they are handling things day by day.

Back at Armando and LuĂ­sa’s house,
Anna Patricia looks at Luisa then says that she doesn’t mean to be a bother but she just needed somebody she could talk to. Luisa assures her that she isn’t a bother. She tells Anna Patricia to take this chance at love that God has given her. Anna Patricia says that now that everything is out in the open Helena’s true colors are about to come out. Luisa agrees. She adds that anyone capable of telling such young children all those unnecessary things, must be utterly evil and rotten.
Luisa adds that she needs to set an example for her son. She adds that if Martin is to find the courage to settle down with a good woman and find love again, he needs to see her take her own opportunity at love and give it another chance. Anna Patricia smiles at the thought of her son. She says she knows what she should do, but she is afraid. Luisa adds that they will all be there for her.

Back at Antonio and Gina’s house,
Antonio looks at Gina still waiting for an answer. She says that it is just like she told him. She adds that Hector is one year older than her. Antonio says that he doesn’t know what to make of it all. He adds that she has always been so secretive. Gina says that she will tell him everything soon. She then tells him to keep it a secret. Antonio looks at her and says that he can’t promise that. Gina looks at him. He says given how secretive she is, that would be asking too much of him. He adds that he should at least be able to tell Adrianna. She adds that considering that she is Hector’s girlfriend she deserves to know. Gina says that Hector should tell her. Antonio agrees.

Back at Marianna’s room,

She looks at Adrianna and asks her what she is up to. Adrianna removes a photo from her folder, and hands it over to Marianna. It is a photo of Diana. Marianna looks at her daughter for a few seconds then asks Adrianna what she wants. Adrianna says that she doesn’t owe any of them any explanations, but one day, she may have to explain to Diana everything, and she will have to tell her daughter if she ever loved her. Marianna then looks at Dianna again. She then takes a deep breath. She tells Adrianna that she is sorry for everything she did to her, Gina and their children. She says that the only thing she didn’t do is kill Emma. She tells Adrianna that she may or may not believe her, but she didn’t kill Emma.

Adrianna asks her if she can vouch for her friends. Marianna remains quiet. She says she can’t be really sure, because for all she knows they could have done it behind her back. Marianna takes a deep breath and Adrianna asks her if she is fine. Marianna says that she was just thinking about Hector and Martin. She says that after everything she did to her and their daughter, and after how mean she has always been to Martin, always calling him names, and making snarky comments she doesn’t believe that they have been there for her throughout the operation. Adrianna smiles and says that they are both very gentlemanly. Marianna agrees. 

Sometime later,
Hector is having lunch with Aranza. She says she doesn’t understand why Adrianna would want to go and visit Marianna. Hector said that he doesn’t understand either. Aranza gives him an I don’t believe you look. He smiles at her then says that Adrianna was very vague with him. Aranza says that she doesn’t think they’ll argue though, because Adrianna doesn’t go around causing or picking fights, and Marianna is still too weak to cause any drama. Hector agrees. He sees her watching him curiously. He says that he really doesn’t know what Adrianna is upto.

Aranza says that she believes him. Hector says that he knows her sneaky habits quite well. Aranza rolls her eyes. She says that she was thinking about something else. Hector asks her what it was. Aranza insists that she will stay out of what isn’t her business. Hector smiles and says that that would be the first time. Aranza smiles and then pokes Hector in the arm. She then tells him that she really will. Hector folds his arm and looks at her. Aranza sighs and says that she will tell him because he will know anyway.

Meanwhile, Adrianna is back at her and Hectors house,
She is in the kitchen, when she hears the bell ring. She then goes and opens it. It is Antonio. She welcomes him in, and he goes and sits. She asks him if he wants anything. Antonio says that a cold juice or soda in any flavor except orange would be good. Adrianna goes to the kitchen to get some juice and glasses. He asks her how her visit with Marianna went. She says it went quite well. She adds that hopefully Marianna will start becoming a better person. Antonio wakes up and follows her to the kitchen. He asks her what she means by it went well. Adrianna says that she admitted to her crimes but denied being involved in Emma’s murder.

Antonio asks her if there is anything else she said. Adrianna says that she insisted that she wasn’t a murderer but she couldn’t vouch for her friends, because there was always the possibility that they did it without informing her. Antonio says that hopefully as she gets better Marianna will decide to reveal everything she knows to the police. Adrianna says that she hopes so too. She then tells Antonio that she knows that he came there for something else. She tells him to follow her to the sitting room so that they can talk more.

Back at Montes De Alba Inc,
 Hector stares at his sister after she finishes talking. It is all he can do. He asks her who else knows. She says that she told Antonio, and she is sure he told Adrianna, because he always tells her everything. Hector asks himself if Antonio confronted Gina and what she could have said. He then looks at Aranza who has folded her arms in an attempt to look serious and is expecting an answer. He smiles at her. Hector then takes his sister’s hands into his, and says that he understands how uncomfortable they all are with the secrecy, but they have their reasons and very soon they will tell everyone the truth. Aranza looks at him and asks him if he is Gina’s brother.

Hector fiddles his hands nervously, closes his eyes for a moment then says that he is. He tells her that he can’t explain anything now but he will tell her everything soon. He then asks her not to tell anyone. He says that he is sure Antonio will ask Gina about it and he will have to tell Adrianna as well. Aranza agrees. She then says with everything that has been happening, Antonio and Adrianna probably forgot about this. Hector agrees that they have been going through a lot lately. Aranza says to herself that whatever happened to them as children must have been so bad, if years later, they still don’t want to discuss it.

Back at Adrianna and Hector’s house,
Antonio has just finished telling Adrianna what Gina told him. She is very shocked. Hector and Gina are siblings? Adrianna says that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore and she is just confused. Antonio asks her what they should do, because they hardly know the people they are with. He adds it feels like they are living in a bubble that could burst at any second. Adrianna says that she understands his feelings. She says that part of her wants to know, while the other doesn’t.

Later in the evening,
At the hospital, Marianna is in her room, reading a magazine when Martin comes in. She places the magazine aside and looks at him. He asks her how she is. She says that she is fine. She asks him to lock the door. Martin looks at her quizzically but does as she says. He then looks at her and asks her what she is up to. Marianna tells him that she simply didn’t want anyone to interrupt her. Martin says he has no idea what she means. Marianna says that she has something to tell him. She says that Alejandro visited her over the weekend, and he thought she was sleeping and so he was about to turn and leave, but he received a phone call. Marianna continues and says that he asked the other person for updates, on an investigation he was carrying out on Hector and Gina.
Marianna then continues and says that she also heard Alejandro ask the investigator if they knew who Hector and Gina really are, what is to follow, whether a DNA test is necessary and when the investigator is coming back. Martin, momentarily forgets where he is and who he is with, and paces around. He then runs one hand through his hair. Marianna tells herself that she can see that Hector and Gina’s real identity must be something big from the way he is reacting. Martin then looks at Marianna and asks him why she told him. Marianna shrugs, and says that Alejandro is probably planning something bad, and after everything they have done for her, the least she could do is tell them, and at least prepare them, for whatever is about to happen, since they cannot stop it.

Back at the mental hospital, 
Hector knocks the door and enters his father’s hospital room. They had talked on the phone, but he hadn’t been able to visit him. He greets him and then hugs him. Gabriel asks him how he has been. Hector says that he has been okay despite all the problems they have been experiencing lately. Gabriel asks Hector if he has talked to his sister about what they are going to do about untangling this web of lies they have created. Hector looks at his father then says that they haven’t. Gabriel asks him why not. Hector says that a lot of things have been happening and things keep on getting more complicated. Gabriel asks him what he means. Hector says that Antonio talked with his sister about what she said about part of their childhood the day she visited him (Gabriel) in the hospital shortly before giving birth.

Gabriel asks him who else knows about that. Hector says that Aranza and Adrianna as well. He says probably they have known for sometime but with everything happening, that issue was momentarily forgotten. Gabriel then asks him what his sister told Antonio. Hector said that she told him that he (Hector) was her brother then invented a tale about a mix up during the adoption that they all decided to leave as it was and that he was one year older than her. Gabriel sighs.

Back in Marianna’s room.
Martin looks at Marianna. She says that after everything that has happened, she knows that she has no credibility but she did tell him out of the goodness of her heart. Martin tells her to never mind. He says at least she told him. Marianna tells Martin that she is sorry for everything she has done. Martin looks towards the window and says that it is too late for apologies at that moment. Marianna closes her eyes for a second. She tells him that she knows that she has done a lot of bad things to his cousins and she admits that but she isn’t a murderer. Martin turns to face her. He has teary eyes. He asks her what she means. Marianna says that one day Alejandro came and told her, Horacio and Isabella that Emma had learnt what they did after one of their henchmen mistakenly blurted out the truth when drunk while out with another henchman at a club.

 She says that she suggested that scaring Emma would be enough to keep her quiet, but the others suggested that they kill her because while alive Emma could always talk. She adds that she thought that she convinced them that killing was going way too far because they said they would only scare her. She says that she asked them if they killed Emma and they denied it and there has been no evidence to prove whether they did or didn’t. Martin wipes away tears and tells Mariana that if she had talked Emma and his child would be alive.

Back in Gabriel’s room,
He tells Hector that they have to talk with his sister and the rest of the family and agree on how to end the lies. He adds that Adrianna, Hector and Aranza suspect something is up, and they can’t keep on avoiding the subject forever. Hector agrees, he says that they more than anyone else deserves to know the truth. Gabriel says that it is for them and the children that they should no longer have to shoulder the heavy burden of the secret or the revenge because he is alive and they are going to rebuild their family and get back the company.

 Gabriel then puts an arm on Hector’s shoulder and adds that despite everything going on, he is happy to have found him and his sister again. Gabriel adds that he cannot ask for a better son, and he is proud of him. Hector smiles and hugs him. He says that he too is proud of him and cannot wait for him to be back. Gabriel then adds that the best gift him and his sister can give him (Gabriel) is to stop the hate, bitterness and live their lives. He adds that they should focus on their relationships and their children.

Back at Marianna’s room,
Martin sits down. Marianna apologizes again. Martin says that it is too late, because he lost the love of his life and the child they were going to have. Marianna doesn’t know what to do. It hurts her more than she cares to admit to see Martin suffer. Martin says after everything he can’t really trust her. Marianna says that she has no reason to lie. She adds that her friends always called her soft, and it isn’t far fetched that if they did something they wouldn’t tell her. Martin asks her why they would believe she was soft. Marianna keeps quiet. Martin looks at her, and asks her if it is a lie she created to remove herself from the murder charges. Marianna says that she isn’t lying.

Martin asks her to then say the truth. Marianna says that she can’t say because it’s embarrassing and if she has to make a statement she will make in front of the police. Martin says that he lost the family he was going to build and after everything, she has done, the least she could do is tell him everything. Marianna pauses for a while then says that they wrongly believed that she had feelings for him, and that made her soft, and so it isn’t far-fetched if they would do something they wouldn’t tell her. She adds that she chose to believe that her friends were not murderers, which looking at it now, they could as well probably be. Martin is shocked. Today was a day full of revelations. He closes his eyes for a few seconds. Marianna looks at him.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Chapter 37

The days fly by quickly and soon it is Wednesday, the day of the first trial. Everyone who had to be there, and could was there. Luisa and Clara were however not there as Luisa was with her daughter Rosa and Clara and was helping her. Claudia too was there. The judge's name is announced and everyone stands then sits. Isabella turns then glares at Gina, who ignores her. Their full names (Alejandro Cortes, Horacio Saenz, Isabella Velez and Marianna Peralta) as well as the charges against them are read out. They are then told to plead. They all plead not guilty. Gina rolls her eyes. She says that she can't believe that they would blatantly lie in court after what they did. She adds that hopefully enough evidence can be found soon, to send all four of them to jail.

Meanwhile, at the mental hospital,
John ( Gabriel) is in his room. He cannot stop thinking about his twins. Where are they? He holds his head and sits down. He says that he doesn't know if he will be able to handle not knowing what happened to them. He then has a flashback of a day when he came home from work. Gabriela was in the dining room, with her crayons and coloring book. When she sees him, she smiles and runs screaming daddy and hugs him. He then remembers the day of Hector's party. He remembers Gina's surprised then happy look and how she rushed to hug him. He then says that it felt very similar and familiar, like when Gabriela would hug him as a child.

Back in the small town,
The investigator, is at a hotel. He sips his coffee then looks at the pages of files and reports and shakes his head. He asks himself just where Hector and Gina Ortiz came from, because it feels like they appeared from nowhere. He adds that this is one of the most difficult cases he has ever dealt with. He adds that he needs to find the exact dates the children were found.

Sometime after, at the courthouse,
Hector and Antonio have just finished giving their statements and they have been questioned by both counsels. It was now Adrianna's turn. She takes a deep breathe. She looks at Hector who, smiles reassuringly at her. She takes her oath and begins. Adrianna says that she met Marianna (points to her) while working at Montes De Alba inc. She adds that she became obsessed with Hector quite quickly. Marianna stands up, and accuses Adrianna of lying. There is some loud chatter in the court and the judge brings the court to order and calls for silence. He then looks at Marianna and tells her to calm down or he will detain her and hold her in contempt of court. 

Her lawyer tells her to sit and calm down. Hector smiles and says to himself that she should continue showing how crazy she is because that works in their favor. Adrianna continues and says that Marianna would flirt with Hector at every opportunity despite knowing that she ( Adrianna) was with him. Adrianna then says that this continued until one Friday when Hector and Antonio went out for drinks together. She adds that they came back the next day drunk, with nasty hangovers and with little recollection of what happened.

She says that she asked Hector what happened and he told her that he had woken up in Marianna's bed and thinks she drugged him, because he didn't go with her and doesn't recall seeing her at the club.  Adrianna says that Marianna always insisted that she didn't drug him. She than adds that they both discovered that they were pregnant and Marianna claimed that her child was Hector's. Marianna adds that throughout their pregnancies, Marianna, refused calls to reach an agreement on her daughter, despite Hector meeting her and willing to discuss a custody and co -parenting deal.

Adrianna adds that Marianna would keep on harassing them and insisting she would ruin their relationship. Adrianna says that things continued in pretty much the same way until they gave birth. She continues and says that Alejandro then approached her and told her that her daughter was his, and told her the story about getting her inseminated during a routine hospital visit. She adds that he then used that to threaten and blackmail her into marrying him. She adds that before that happened, the child she was made to believe was hers fell sick and tests were done and Isabella was the perfect match.

Adrianna adds that Isabella came to her house severally to threaten her that if she didn't break up with Hector, she would let the child die. There are loud gasps and murmurs after she says this in court. The judge again calls the court to order. He then tells Adrianna to continue. She says that Alejandro threatened her as well, not only with taking away the child but with drugging both the girls names in the mud and to make sure they were scarred and traumatized for life. She adds that they eventually learnt the truth a few weeks ago after over two years of not knowing anything. After Adrianna finishes she is then cross examined by both lawyers. 

Sometime later,
At the mental hospital, John is in his room. He was feeling unwell and was resting. He takes a deep breathe, and says that he has a feeling that he will only get worse and that the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to his children is going to kill him. He pauses then adds that he has to get better because Aranza still needs him.

Back at the courtroom,
The next witness called to the stand is Claudia. Isabella is shocked. She didn't see that coming. She tells herself that she didn't think Claudia would talk for fear of Antonio knowing the truth and hating her. When Claudia reaches the front, she gives Isabella a glare. Isabella stares back coolly. She tells herself that regardless of what anyone including Claudia believes, she isn't going to jail neither is she leaving Antonio. Antonio watches his grandmother go to the front. He remembers, her telling him that she knew that Isabella planned to drug him. Claudia is asked to take the oath and she does. She then begins. She says that Isabella has been in an on and off relationship with Antonio. She then continues that as Antonio said earlier he met Gina at Montes De Alba inc, when she came to work there. Claudia says that as time went by Antonio introduced Gina to her as his girlfriend, and she ( Claudia) didn't like her. 

She adds that she looked down on Gina, and saw her as being beneath her grandson. She says that she encouraged Isabella to continue going after him and to never let Gina have him. Claudia continues and says that one day Isabella came and told her that she planned to drug Antonio and get pregnant with his child. There is loud chatter and the judge is yet again forced to call for order. He then tells Claudia that she can continue. Claudia then says that the plan succeeded because Isabella got pregnant. She adds that she believed the child was her great grandson, until the truth came out.

Back at the small town,
The investigator goes to look for the retired midwife from the local hospital. He had found out that she was the head of the department at the time and she was on duty during the time period the children came into the picture. She was visiting some relatives in the village near the small town. The investigator looks around, as he approaches their house. As he walks nearer, everyone looks at him. They can tell he isn't from around. He greets them and says that he is looking for Mrs. Natalia Suarez.
She wakes up followed by one of her sons. She asks the investigator what he wants. The investigator introduces himself as Nestor Cruz, and says he wants to ask her about the cousins Hector and Gina Ortiz. She seems a little surprised and asks why. Nestor says that he is looking for children who disappeared around the same time, and he is eliminating possible cases. He looks at Mrs. Natalia and says that he obviously can't ask the family, because if the children were stolen they wouldn't admit. 

Shortly after,
It is Gina's turn to give evidence. She has already started. She continues and says that Isabella, was always obsessed with Antonio, and would use every opportunity to attack her, even after marrying him. She says that as for Horacio, he has been obsessive towards her for quite some time.  She adds that a short while after giving birth, Horacio came to her with the story about the insemination. She adds that a DNA test was done, which seemed to prove his claims. Gina adds that Horacio continued pestering her, this time insisting that they should get married. She adds that she refused and he got more and more crazier and insisted on them getting married. She adds that he too began using threats. She adds that he threatened to take away her son.

Gina then pauses and says to herself that she knows that Antonio will be angry at what she has to say next but she has to admit it. There are murmurs in the court when Gina remains quiet. Antonio asks himself what is bothering her, and looks at her. The judge asks her if she is well enough to continue. Gina says she is. She adds that Horacio also threatened her severally, that he would hurt even kill John, a patient she had been visiting and had come to care for because he was old, lonely with no family and reminded her of her father, all to get her to do what he wanted. Gina looks at Antonio, who also looks at her. Their eyes meet and Gina sees that his eyes are full of questions.

Back in the village,
Mrs Natalia, looks the investigator, Mr Nestor over again. She says that it would be breaching privacy regulations if she talked about children she helped deliver without their parents or their knowledge ( if they are adults ). Nestor says that the children he is referring to were eight years old when the Ortiz's adopted them and therefore she couldn't have delivered them. He adds that this being a small town, two children adopted, by an ordinary family, does get a bit sensational. Mrs. Natalia, asks Mr. Nestor what exactly he wants. He assures her that she is in no trouble. He says that she worked with children and she is knowledgeable on things that happened around here so many years ago. Mrs. Natalia apologizes and says that she cannot help him much.

She adds that she knows as much as other people who were old enough to witness Hector and Gina's adoption. She continues and says that there was a lot of fanfare around the town because some rich children had gone missing without a trace, some days or weeks before in some forests some distance away. She adds that when Hector and Gina turned up, she was helping with deliveries and follow-ups. She adds that the town like the rest of the region was talking about the missing twins, and so no one paid attention to the children the Ortiz ‘adopted. Nestor says to himself that there is something weird going on there. He asks himself if there is a relation between the missing twins and Hector and Gina. He says that at least now he has a new angle to follow.

Sometime later,
Antonio and Gina are back at his house. The air is tense and thick. Antonio watches her go with the children to the kitchen. He runs his hands through his hair. He says that he doesn't know what to believe anymore. He wonders why she would prioritize a stranger over him. Antonio goes in the direction towards his study.

Later at night ,
There is some commotion near where Marianna lives. The police are in the middle of chasing dangerous criminals and there is a shoot out. Some people have gone to their houses, while others are hiding in vantage points, watching the drama unfold. All in all it is a busy neighborhood, and people are always about. Meanwhile Marianna like many people is trying to get away from the madness. She heard the commotion and cut her shopping trip  short. She is holding a bag of groceries, when she is caught up in the whole melee. Bullets are being fired in all directions. Two stray bullets hit her. One of them on the arm, the other, on her midsection. She falls down. Some people scream, as shots continue to be fired.

Meanwhile at Hector's and Adrianna's house.
Adrianna is sitting in her room. She hears a knock on the door and Hector enters. She glances up at him, then continues looking in the direction she was looking at. He walks the short distance towards her and sits near her. He asks her if she is fine. Adrianna says she is. He asks her why she seems so lost in her thoughts. She says she was just thinking about what will happen in the future, with the children and whether Marianna and Alejandro will ever leave them alone. Hector strokes her cheek with a finger. He tells her that he will help her grow closer to their daughter, and that as for Marianna’ and Alejandro's daughter they will do what is best for her. 

He adds that as for Marianna and Alejandro, they will work towards divorcing them, though he doesn't think that will be easy. Adrianna agrees that Marianna and Alejandro won't make things easy for them. Hector then tells her that its late and that its been a long emotionally draining day and they should leave all their worries for the next day. He then strokes her face and begins to kiss her. Adrianna kisses him back. After sometime they roll onto the bed, and they continues to kiss each other. 


Back at Antonio and Gina's house,
Antonio is in the sitting room, on the couch and he is using his laptop. Gina comes into the sitting room, and he ignores her. He doesn't even look up at her. Gina asks him to please listen to her. He pauses for a second and looks up at her, then goes back to his laptop. Gina folds her arms. She says that she knows what hat he is angry at her because she didn't tell him about Horacio threatening her but they need to talk and sort things out. Antonio puts his laptop aside and walks the short distance towards her. He tells her that it does bother him that he didn't tell her about Horacio’s threats but what bothers him most is that she gave him up to save a stranger. Gina looks up at him and says that Horacio and his friends are evil and if they killed Emma, killing again wouldn't be a problem.

Antonio says that was true but she should have gone to the police because John isn't her problem. Gina says to herself that if she had, her identity, and that of her brother and father would have come to light and their is no telling what evil Helena and Carlos would have done to her father in his delicate mental state. She adds that they might have interfered with his treatment. Antonio holds one, of Gina's arms and she looks up at him. He asks her if she has been completely honest with him. Gina says she has. She adds that she simply wants to help John because she feels sorry for him. Antonio let's go of Gina. He says that the more time passes the more her story looks less credible.

Back at the hospital,

Marianna is being rushed, to the emergency room on a stretcher. Meanwhile Alejandro tries to call her. The phone rings and rings but its not picked up. Alejandro says that she is probably at Martin's place. He adds that he won't lose one of his women to an Ortiz.

Shortly after, at the hospital,
Marianna is in the ICU. Two nurses go through her things, looking for a form of identification on Marianna. The paper bags just had her shopping. One of the nurses says that her wallet and phone if she carried either of them are most likely in her pocket. 

The next day on Thursday,
Hector and Adrianna have dropped the girls in their preschool. They are about to drive off when Hector receives a call. It is Marianna's number. He frowns and ignores it. Adrianna says that she can tell from his reaction that it is Marianna. Hector says that it is. He adds that now that they have Dianna, they have no more reason to be in constant contact with either Marianna or Alejandro. Adrianna says that they do need to keep Marianna at arms length, but she is still Dianna's mother and they need to be as cordial as possible. She adds that if Marianna becomes unbearable they can always end the call. Hector is still unsure. Adrianna says that they can't give her ammunition if she decides to fight for the custody of Dianna. She adds that Alejandro is another complicated case altogether. 

Hector relents but says that she should talk to her. He then gives her his phone. Adrianna dials Marianna's number and asks her how they can help her. The person on the other side, apologizes and says that she isn't Marianna Peralta. Adrianna asks them what they are doing with Marianna's phone. The other person says that they found the phone and called Hector's number after choosing a random number on Marianna's speed dial. She then asks if Hector is nearby. Adrianna says he is and gives him the phone. Hector is confused but takes the phone. He asks the person why she has Marianna's phone. She says that Marianna was brought in critical condition after being hit by stray bullets in a shootout. Hector is shocked.

Elsewhere at the mental hospital,
John is in his room. He is feeling unwell. In fact he had been unwell for days. The doctor is running some tests on him. John looks at Dr. Alves and asks him if he is going crazy again. Dr. Alves tells him that he isn't and that he will be fine soon. John tells the doctor not to lie to him and and to admit that he is going crazy. The doctor says that the stress and frustration of not having closure on his two eldest children because they have been missing without a trace for years is causing him to feel unwell. John asks if he will relapse. He adds that he has a lot of reasons to fight and get better and he has to protect Aranza from her mother. The doctor says that he understands and that's why he wants him to relax otherwise that minor episode, would get more serious. John takes a deep breath. He says to himself that he has to protect Aranza.

Back with Hector and Adrianna,
Adrianna looks at Hector and asks him what’s wrong. Hector hadn't said a word since he ended the call from the hospital. He looks at her and says that it was a call from the hospital. He then runs his hand through his hair. Adrianna asks him what they wanted. Hector says that Marianna was hit by stray bullets in a shoot out between police and criminals yesterday and is in intensive care. Adrianna is shocked. Hector looks at her then says that he knows that Marianna isn't a good person and has hurt them a lot but, she is seriously injured and they need to help her as much as they can. Adrianna says that won't be a problem. Hector adds that given that he is still married to her, he has to take care of it all. Adrianna agrees that he should. He adds that despite what has happened, he doesn't wish death on her. Adrianna says that she doesn't either.

Meanwhile at Isabella's house,
She is there with Alejandro and Horacio. Isabella is worried about Marianna not picking up her phone, since yesterday. Horacio says that there was a shootout between police and criminals, so if she had stepped out maybe she was caught up in it. Isabella says that maybe she was caught up in the drama, but many people were as well, and they aren't unreachable. She adds that what they need to do is to find out if Martin has anything to do with it.

Shortly after,
Gina is at work, when she receives a call. Seeing that it is Dr. Alves, she sighs. She tells herself that she hopes that nothing bad has happened. She then picks up the phone. The Dr. says that he would like to talk to either her, her cousin or aunt. Gina begins to panic. A doctor calling to ask for a meeting so early is not  a good sign. Gina asks him why. Dr. Alves replies that he would like to talk to them about John's health. Gina gets even more alarmed. She asks the Dr. if John is fine. Dr. Alves says for the moment he is. Gina asks the Dr. what exactly he means by for the moment. Dr. Alves says that he is a bit unwell and the uncertainty of not knowing what happened to the twins might cause a relapse. Gina asks him how severe that might be. Dr. Alves says that for the time being that was unclear.

Hector has just arrived at the hospital where Marianna was. He gives her full names and asks about her condition. They ask him if he is her family. Hector says that more or less. The nurse says that they cannot allow him in or tell him anything about her if he isn't family to her. Hector says that they are separated. He adds that she has a close group of friends but no known family.

Back at Montes De Alba inc,
Gina sees a call. It is Adrianna. She asks her if she has talked to Hector today. Gina says that she hasn't, then asks what had happened. Adrianna says that Marianna got injured by stray bullets, in a shootout between police and criminals. Gina is shocked. She asks Adrianna how Marianna is. Adrianna says that she is in ICU and things don't seem good. Gina asks where Hector is. Adrianna tells her he is in the hospital. 

Meanwhile back at the hospital,
A doctor comes out and Hector asks him how, Marianna is doing. The doctor, with a serious face, says that Marianna's condition is very serious. He adds that she has internal injuries and bleeding, both in one hand and near the stomach. He says that the bullet was very close to puncturing her stomach. He tells Hector that it is a miracle she is alive because of the severity of the injuries and how much blood she has lost.

Back in the small town,
The investigator is in his hotel room. It is nothing fancy. It is small and modest. He is sitting at his desk. It is a big wooden chair near a simple wooden table. His laptop is on and there is a stack of files neatly arranged. He says that he has to finish going through all the cases of missing children from the area, during the time Hector and Gina were eight, because there is no way they could have dropped out of nowhere.

Sometime later,
Adrianna, Gina and Aranza are at the cafeteria having lunch. By now the news about Marianna has spread. Aranza says that Hector is being far too nice to Marianna after, everything she has done. Adrianna says at this point, none of that matters, because Marianna is seriously injured. Aranza says that it is called justice, and that Marianna is just getting what she deserves. Gina looks at Aranza like she is crazy. Aranza shrugs. Adrianna says that it isn't their place to carry out justice on Marianna or wish death on her. Gina agrees but Aranza insists otherwise.

Meanwhile ,
Back at the hospital, Hector is sipping a cup of coffee, when Alejandro, Isabella and Horacio come in. Alejandro gives him dagger eyes. Without exchanging pleasantries, Alejandro asks Hector where Marianna is. Hector says that she is in ICU. Horacio says that it is very hypocritical of him to be here when he is secretly celebrating. Hector looks at him like he is crazy and asks him what he is talking about. Isabella says it is simple, he wants to get rid of Marianna by any means so that he can be with Adrianna. Hector takes a deep breath; this people are getting on his nerves. Hector stands up and looks at all three of them with dagger eyes. He says that despite everything that the four of them have done, he doesn't wish death on Marianna. Alejandro looks at Hector and says that he is such a hypocrite, playing the caring husband. Hector says that unlike them he isn't heartless or a killer.

Back at Montes De Alba inc,
Gina has just told Aranza and Adrianna, about John's health. Aranza is worried. She asks Gina if he will get worse. Gina says that it remains unclear. Adrianna looks at Aranza and says that she must really love him. Aranza says that he is like the father she never had. Gina says to herself that if only she (Aranza) knew that he was their father. She adds still to herself that things are getting more complicated. Adrianna comforts her little cousin.

Back at the hospital,
There is silence and the air is thick with tension. Just then the doctor, comes out and they all look at him. Alejandro asks him how she is. The doctor says that she is still very delicate and is still in a coma. Hector asks the doctor when she is likely to wake up. The doctor says that it is unclear but they will be monitoring her throughout the night.

Back at Montes De Alba inc,
Gina calls her aunt, Anna Patricia. She tells her about her father. Anna Patricia, is worried, not only because of the twins and Aranza but because of John (Gabriel). She can no longer deny it to herself but she is love with him. More than that, he had worked so hard to recover, and regain everything. Anna Patricia tells Gina to relax. She adds that they will all be there to support her father and make sure that he continues getting better.

Back at the hospital,
Alejandro, Isabella and Horacio are in the cafeteria. Horacio asks Alejandro about the investigations. He adds that it is taking a bit of time. Isabella agrees. Alejandro tells them to be patient. He says that tracing Hector and Gina's origins isn't easy. Isabella says that it seems like they dropped out of the sky or they were stolen. When both Alejandro and Horacio look at her like she is crazy, Isabella says that would be a possible explanation of why they cannot trace where Hector and Gina came from. Alejandro says that Hector and Gina were eight when they came to live with the Ortiz family, and they were old enough to remember anything of that sort. Isabella says that maybe the part of them being eight was a lie, or something else, but she is sure something is up and Hector and Gina are at the center of it. 

Elsewhere at the hospital,
Clara and Ramon have arrived at the hospital, and are with Hector. They ask him how Marianna is doing and he tells them. Ramon then asks him if her friends are there. Hector says that they are and they are in the cafeteria. He then tells them that they accused him, of being happy about Marianna being so seriously injured. Hector says that despite everything Marianna and her friends did he doesn't wish death on her. Clara hugs him and says that he is her grandchild and she knows that he is a good person. Ramon adds that he should continue doing what's good and maybe that will be enough. Hector looks at him confused. Calling him grandfather he says that he doesn't understand.

Ramon says that as his age has increased he has learnt to be a better judge of character. He says that while he cannot speak much for Alejandro, Horacio and Isabella, he can tell that Marianna is not as bad as her friends. He says that her choice in friends is questionable, and her actions are deplorable as well but if they can help her and maybe break that group that would be good. Clara glares at her husband then looks at Hector. She tells Ramon not to rope Hector into any crazy plans. Hector smiles at his grandparents. Internally he says that his grandfather has a point. He says that he has to try and help Marianna and find some evidence. Clara tells Hector not to do anything stupid. Hector puts on an innocent face and says that she knows that out of all her grandchildren he is the best behaved and he is also her favorite. He then hugs her and she smiles.

Back at Montes De Alba inc,
Aranza and Aurelio are in the hallways of Montes De Alba INC. Aurelio can tell that she is down because of John. He tells her to ask Gina if they can go together to check up on John. Aranza says that Gina will probably want to be with Hector, given what has happened to Marianna. Aurelio says maybe, but she loves John like he was her father, and if he is sick either she or his aunt will be there to talk with the doctor. Aranza agrees and says that she will.

Back at the cafeteria,
Horacio says that with Marianna's accident they face a new challenge. Alejandro asks him what he means. Horacio says that people usually become better and have a change of heart after near death experiences. He adds that Marianna was always soft and if she survives this she might want to make amends with Hector, especially now that he is by her side. Isabella tells Alejandro that he has a point. She says that Martin and Hector are likely to seize on this opportunity to get Marianna to talk. Horacio says that they need to monitor Marianna closely during this time. 

Meanwhile Hector is in the restroom,
 He is washing his hands, when his phone rings. He sees it is his sister and picks it up. Gina tells him that she will come to the hospital later. Hector says that will be unnecessary because their grandparents are already their and he is sure their aunt and parents will be there later. Gina says that she is his sister and she wants to be there for him. Hector says that he understands but she has to talk to their father's doctor. Hector reminds her that they already agreed that she would go to visit their father. Hector says that she should go with Aranza who can talk to their father as she speaks to the doctor. Gina agrees. Hector says that she can always reveal the truth, without him being there. Gina says that the thought scares her. Hector says that he understands her but they have to make sure the years of progress their father has made aren't undone. 

Later in the evening,
Back at the investigator's room. He looks at the files, then at his laptop ( on which he has opened the report he was working on). He then walks around and runs his hand through his hair. He says that he can't believe that the only case of missing children that corresponds to Hector and Gina's mysterious origins is that of the missing Montes De Alba twins.

He says that all the other cases of missing children from the area from that year didn't match, either because the children were too old, too young, it was one child or the children were either all girls or all boys. He says that after days of analyzing different cases and reports, he hopes he finally has a breakthrough. He says that if Hector and Gina really are the missing twins, this would be one of the biggest story in years. He adds that it would also explain why they are back under different identities. He further says that they are probably buying their time before they reveal themselves and try and get back their father's company.

Elsewhere, at the mental hospital,
Gina is at the doctor's office. She asks him if their is a chance of a mental breakdown. Dr. Alves says that is a possibility, and he has seen it happen on a number of occasions. He adds that like he said, they can't be sure how severe or for how long it will be. He also adds that all they can do is continue treating him. Gina has a flashback of the two times her brother has told her that it is up to her to reveal the truth. She then comes back to the present. Dr. Alves asks her if she is fine. Gina says she is. She takes a deep breath.
Elsewhere Aranza is with John in his room. He tells her to relax. He adds that the doctor stabilized him. She says that she cannot help but be afraid that he will get worse. She says that he is like the father she never had. John ( to himself) calls her princess and says that he wishes that he could tell her the truth that he is her father, but it isn't time to do so yet. He says( to himself) that things have to be done slowly. 

Back at Dr. Alves’ office,
Gina tells the doctor that she has to discuss something very sensitive with him. Dr. Alves says that there isn't a problem because all matters relating to the patients are confidential. Gina tells the doctor that the Montes De Alba twins didn't die. She says that they survived and were found and raised by a nice family. Dr. Alves looks at Gina shell shocked. He then says that it is a bit hard to believe. Dr. Alves pauses and Gina doesn't say anything giving him time to digest everything. Dr. Alves realizes something and looks at Gina again his eyes wide open.

He then, full of shock asks her if she is Gabriela Montes De Alba. Gina nods and says that she is. The doctor says that if it isn't too much to ask her, he would like to know what happened to her brother. Gina says that her brother is fine, and it is Hector. She then says that she knows that he is busy but she would like to explain everything so that he can understand everything and know better how to help her father. Dr. Alves says that she can take all her time. He adds to himself that this case is too interesting and he is very curious.

Back at the hospital,
Martin is sitting on a chair sipping some coffee. Just then Alejandro, Horacio and Isabella who had left to go run errands get back. They are shocked and irritated to see Martin. Alejandro tells Martin that he has nothing to do there. Martin says that he told Hector to go home because he had been there the whole day and he ( Martin) felt that Hector needed to rest. Isabella says that she can see that his mother and uncle are around, but thinks that it is hypocritical of them to pretend to care about Marianna when they want her to die so that they can get Diana's custody.

Martin says that it takes a truly twisted head to think like that. He says that neither him nor his cousin are evil or twisted like the four of them. He adds that as much as he wants them to face justice, he doesn't want Marianna to die, mainly for Diana's sake. Alejandro says that she is his ( Alejandro's ) daughter and none of his ( Martin's ) concern.

Meanwhile at Adrianna's house,
Antonio is there with her. The girls are watching cartoons so they can talk. Adrianna asks him what is bothering him. Antonio says that he was just thinking about something Aranza told him, but he had forgotten about , with everything else going on around them. Adrianna asks him what it is. Antonio says that Aranza told him that Gina had told John that her father died in a car accident years ago when she was young, while her mother died soon after giving birth to her brother and her.

Adrianna asks Antonio if there was anything else, Gina told John. Antonio says that she asked John if she could take pictures of his tattoo and told him that she had a tattoo of a butterfly because that is what her father called her when she was a child. Adrianna asks Antonio how all of that started. Antonio says that was the first time Gina had seen John in something short sleeved. He continues and says that she saw his tattoo, she was curious about it and asked to see it, and then showed him hers, and then she started talking about her parents.

Adrianna is shocked and looks at Antonio. She asks him if it bothers him that Gina opened up to someone else. Antonio says that it does, especially because he knows that Gina has a big painful secret she is hiding that she won't open up to him about. He adds that isn't however his main concern. Adrianna asks him what is. Antonio says that it is the mention of her having a brother, because she has never mentioned it.

Back in Dr Alves’ office,
He is shocked. Gina has just finished summarizing everything. Dr. Alves says that in the thirty years he has been a psychiatrist, he has never heard anything like that. He says that he now understands why they wanted Aranza to be visiting John and why they care about him so much. Gina adds that her brother and aunt would be here but someone (pauses) close to them is in intensive care and they can't all be here. Dr. Alves says that he understands. 

Gina asks the doctor to please keep everything quiet. She says that she knows that her and her brother's  time is almost up, and soon they will have to reveal themselves and reveal that their father is alive, but they want to do it at their own pace and time. Dr. Alves says that is fine. He says that they will however have to tell their father the truth because that level of being unsettled isn't good for his mental well-being. Gina says that she knows but it is just so hard.

Meanwhile back in John's room,
He tells Aranza that something must be wrong because Gina has been in the doctor's office for too long. Aranza tells him that he should have faith and that there are many people who love him. He says he knows but he cannot help but worry about what Gina and the doctor are discussing. Aranza hugs him. She tells him that he is a very strong person and he is a fighter.  

Back in Adrianna and Hector's house,
Antonio says that he doesn't understand, why Gina would never mention her brother, or how Hector fits into the whole story. Adrianna admits that she too is confused. She says that the two are very close and Gina doesn't seem like the person who would hold a grudge so deeply up to the level of not mentioning that she has a brother. Antonio agrees, and says that none of it makes sense. Adrianna seems to be deep in thought, and Antonio notices it. He asks her about it.
Adrianna says that she was just thinking about the possibility that Hector is her brother.

Antonio looks at Adrianna like she was crazy. He asks Adrianna why she would think like that. Adrianna says that its the gaps in their story, and the fact that there is no mention of Hector's separate past by either him or Gina. Antonio says that is possible but it raises questions about why they would need to weave that tale about them being cousins and not siblings. Adrianna says that they won't know anything until Hector or Gina decide to tell them something. 

Back at the hospital,
Martin is glaring at Alejandro. He says that its hypocritical of him to refer to Diana as his daughter, when he has never cared about her. Alejandro tells him that she is his daughter and that he will not let the family keep her. Isabella says that they are Marianna's friends and they will take care of her, so he has no more reason to be there. Martin glares at her and says that whether they like it or not Marianna is still part of their family, and they are still connected because of Hector and Diana. Horacio sarcastically asks if that is why Hector is living with Adrianna. Martin says that after everything they have done, they are in no place to judge anyone.

Sometime later, Marianna slips in and out of consciousness. She still hasn't registered where she is, but she is in great pain. She can't move.

Shortly after,
The doctor then comes out to where Martin, Alejandro, Isabella and Horacio are. They ask him how she is. The doctor says that there has been no change and they need to perform surgery as soon as possible if they are to save her life. Alejandro tells the doctor to go ahead and do everything to help her. The doctor says that they have scheduled the surgery for the next day but they need to do all the formalities immediately.

Alejandro says that he will take care of everything. The doctor says that the surgery forms have to be filled by a family member. Martin says that Marianna has no immediate family members but he is her brother in law. The doctor says okay and asks Martin to follow him. Martin agrees and does so.

At Gina and Antonio's house,
He is in his home office. The laptop on his desk is open, but he is barely concentrating on what he is supposed to be working on. The conversation with Adrianna is weighing heavily on his mind. He cannot help but think of the secrets Gina is keeping. It continues to bother him why she would open up to a stranger and tell him close to nothing. Does she not trust him?

Meanwhile at Hector and Adrianna's house,
Hector's phone rings. It is Martin. He immediately picks it up, fearing that Marianna's health has worsened. He asks Martin how she is. Martin says that not much has changed. He adds that the reason he called was because he (Martin) needed his (Hector’s) authorization to sign the paperwork, because they have to operate on Marianna the next day if she is to have a chance at survival. Hector says that it’s okay, what is important is that she survives.